Tap rooms and art crawls – things you did not know about minneapolis

  1. There are tons of craft and micro breweries and more popping up everyday (more on this later).
  2. It is mostly sunny in the winter.
  3. Sauna culture is thriving, thanks Scandinavia!
  4. You can play tennis and swim year round thanks to numerous indoor athletic facilities.
  5. Art A Whirl – Over the last 20 years, it has become the largest open studio tour in the country, taking place annually throughout Northeast Minneapolis, the third weekend of May.
  6. Indeed Brewing – World-class beer in modern, spacious, comfortable tap room. In the heart of Northeast Minneapolis – which has grown from immigrant stomping grounds to hipster haven. I recommend the Midnight Ryder Black IPA.canLabelsMidnightRyder
  7. Mill City Market – Next to the Guthrie Theater and the stone arch bridge. Great atmosphere and local food. IMG_0271
  8. Pho – We have a huge Vietnamese immigrant community and the competition for the best Pho noodle soup is fierce and prices are reasonable. The Pho Ga (chicken Pho) is the perfect antidote to the common cold.
  9. Open microphones – You can play music every night of the week.
  10. Day Block Brewing Company – In addition to the beer, one of the best pizzas I have ever had.
  11. Surly Brewing Beer Hall and Restaurant – Unique, high-quality beers infused with smoke, chocolate, coffee, etc. One of the best burgers, period. Giant, brand-new, supercool modern facility. iu-1
  12. Brits Pub – In addition to its anglo atmosphere, there is lawn bowling on the roof!images.duckduckgo
  13. Spyhouse Coffee. The coolest cafes in Minneapolis, bar none.
  14. Al’s Breakfast Place – In the heart of Dinkytown near the University of Minnesota. Reportedly the narrowest restaurant in the city of Minneapolis, at a width of ten feet (three meters). Al’s is crammed into a former alleyway, between two much larger buildings…. The restaurant’s 14 stools have seated generations of local students, along with yours truly and local luminaries like Garrison Keillor.
  15. The Local – Built on the traditional Victorian Dublin pub style with tons of ornate wood, high walls, etc. The craic (look it up) is always beyond good. The place I always meet old friends.iu
  16. Did I mention the music?
  17. The people are beautiful inside and out.

Ode to coffee

From morning to night

caffeine shining bright

but it brews as i alight

from my bed, shake my head

and shrug off the dreamy residue.

black no sugar, no milk too

i prefer a stronger brew

french roast is de rigueur

but even folgers will not be demurred

at cafes a quad espresso is an efficient way to travel

to keep waterlogged ships at bay

but have you tried a cafe cubano?

tamp and layer and channel the portafilter with espresso/turbinado/espresso:

this will produce a syrupy brew

and remember whatever you do

it’s all about the


try to avoid the knockboxes.